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Start Your Journey.

 1:1 Holistic Wellness Coaching - 3 Month Program 

How does the program work?

Together we walk through the process of uncovering blocks and limiting beliefs that are hindering you from reaching your wellness goals. We work on one area of wellness at a time, so you are never overwhelmed.

Twice a month you will be fully supported with a live coaching call, a clear plan of action and soul work to assist with all aspects of your wellness journey so you can move forward with confidence and clarity.

This deep dive coaching program is facilitated  in a 3 month container.

What’s included

  • 6 hour-long coaching sessions (2 per month)facilitated via zoom

  • custom guided meditations + soul work

  • access, support, and intuitive guidance throughout our 3 months together

  • 3 personalized (recorded) guided meditations


What is holistic wellness coaching?

My total wellness approach follows the belief that our mindset and behaviors affect our greater health and well-being. Not only emotionally but also physically and spiritually. Every individuals journey will be uniquely different, but all paths start within.

Total Wellness Pillars:

Physical:   Fitness to strengthen and keep your body active + nutrition to nourish your body back into balance and boost your wellness

Spiritual:   Learn to trust your intuition to guide you. Reconnect spiritually to comfort your soul and ground you

Mental:   Build emotional and mental resiliency and learn shifting mindset tools and resources to bring awareness to your mind body connection.

Self-love: learn to be gentle with yourself and value your authentic desires, thoughts and opinions

I incorporate experiences from my personal journey as well as my background of being a Certified Personal Trainer, Certified Lifestyle Coach and Behavioral Change Specialist.

Private coaching is an investment, not only for your health and well-being but for your relationships and your career. I can not wait to connect with you!

Investment: $1,555

payment plans available upon request


Private 1:1 Single Session with Wellness Package

This session will be focused on a single area of your wellness and is designed to unblock and empower you so you can create lasting authentic lifestyle change.


What it includes:

  • 1x 90 min session via video chat

  • wellness questionnaire.This will assist to make your 1:1 call incredibly personalized

  • homework to do after the session

  • 5 Steps to Self Love Ebook

  • resources+ recommendations, if needed

  •  recorded meditation (tailored to your individual journey)

Investment: $222

Nourish and Chill

An 8 week live course that will give you a clear vision of what health is, how to create it and most importantly sustain it in a way that is authentic to you!

If 2020 has taught us anything, it's that nothing is more important than our health. It really is our true wealth! 

After working with many clients on their unique paths to health and wellness, I realized that there is a collective disconnect when it comes to the mind, body and soul. When we approach our wellness with all of these modalities in mind, we are able to create authentic lifestyle change that lasts!

It's time to cultivate our health in a way that is true to us! Not just to better ourselves but to to better the world we live in! Healthy bodies, flourishing minds and spiritually grounded individuals change the world! Join me as we transcend to new levels of wellness


✨Cultivate a mental health landscape that produces healthy behaviors.


✨Learn to honor your body through fitness and healing your relationship with food.


✨create a beautiful connection with God/Universe by tapping into your intuition and strengthening your spirituality.

-1 live group session per week via zoom.

-1 private session w/ me.

-each week will be focused on a different element of wellness.

-private intimate group that will be a sacred space of connection + support.

-weekly workouts.

-BONUS SESSION! Nutrition 101 taught by a guest Nutrition Expert.

-step by step detox we will do together!! 

By the end of the 8 weeks you can expect to have a greater sense of purpose, an unwavering foundation of self love as well as healthy nutrition habits and an active lifestyle that you enjoy!!

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