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The Home Sessions

Intuitive Interiors designed with your well-being in mind

Image by Jessica Delp
Image by Renee Kiffin

"Your home should be your sanctuary. A space that grounds you, heals you, and aligns you with your highest version."

-Yvette Justina

Intuitive Design Consultation

Single Session 60 min

This session is all about discovering opportunities that create a healing, beautiful, and aligned space. 

I dig deep to learn more about you, your energy, your lifestyle, and intentions. 

During this session we will look at pictures of your space and talk in depth about design challenges you may have. Using my background in interior design, healing modalities, lifestyle coaching as well as my intuitive gifts, I will look at your space with fresh eyes and an open heart.

You can ask any questions you like during this session regarding styling, accent recommendations, space planning, or healing modalities for your home. 

  You will leave this session with a better understanding of yourself and your home. You will also learn ways to make your space feel more beautiful, inspiring, and supportive to your life and well-being.

*add on services available

Align by Design Full Service

$350 per room
$150 for initial Consultation
45min follow up included

This is the next step to creating an aligned and healing space. 

This service is for those who are ready to call in new energy and commit to cultivating a home that is supportive and inspiring. 

Align by Design starts with the initial Intuitive Design Consultation and includes the discussion of budget, gathering of dimensions, time frame, and implementation. Once I understand your energy, intentions, and get a clear idea of  how you want to feel in your space, I will assess and design your space to align with your lifestyle, taste, and energy. A second session will take place to present a comprehensive custom design including, mood boards, styling, color stories and floor-plans (if needed).

This virtual design service also includes full product source list and links as well as detailed placement and installation instructions

 Home Energy Clearing

Single Session 60 min

This powerful single session is for those who want to enhance their health, cultivate peace, let go of the past, and welcome in abundance by releasing and calling in new energy. This session is a blend of Feng Shui principles, healing modalities, and home energy clearing.
This session will support you in clearing your space, inviting in abundance, and gaining freedom so that you can align yourself with your best and most thriving self!
The energy of spaces where you spend the most time have the most impact on your energy. Energy healing + clearing of your space not only improves the feel and function of your home but improves your productivity, mood, and overall wellbeing.
Align your space and align your life!

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