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30 Day Intentional living challenge

Design a life you love.

Before living with intention, I lived by the rules, beliefs, and values of others. 

I was moving through life on autopilot, unaware of my own gifts, talents, and power.  

At times I felt like I was drowning, literally. 

Not anymore.

I have transformed my life and have gone from living a disconnected and unfulfilled life to one guided by purpose and beaming with joy.

but it didn’t happen with a snap of my fingers. I planned and put in work. Work rooted in intention.

I’ve designed my life around what I value most, my health, relationships, prioritizing joy, creativity, and energizing work.

I’m living my life by design, and I want you to do the same. This is why I created the Life Design 30 days of intentional living challenge. To get you off of auto pilot and into alignment!

Are you ready to live an intentional + purposeful life?

Whats Included:

-Weekly Videos

-Daily emails with reflection prompts 

-Intentional Living Workbook 

-Access to me via email during the challenge

What we will focus on:

  • Self care - energy management, honoring our needs and leaning into joy

  • Health- nourishing our bodies, minds, and soul with high vibrational food, mindful movement and daily spiritual practice.

  • Relationships- connecting with those who matter most and deepening our relationship with self.

  • Personal growth- creating and following commitment and loving discipline to learning and growing. Pouring into our future.

  • Money- becoming a good steward of our finances, honoring money, and clearing blocks around money.

  • Fun+ adventure- Celebrating ourselves daily and prioritizing joy and exploration.

When: We start July 1st

Investment: $75

* this is not a live course. this will be 30 days of emails, prompts, and activities for you to do on your terms, on your time, and by your design. 

30 Day Intentional living challenge: Welcome
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