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A mindful approach to fitness...

Health isn't something you only do for a short time. True health is what lays the foundation for a life worth living. 

Establishing that foundation requires more than exercise and diet. It takes true connection to your body, your mind, and your "why". My mindful approach to personal training not only focuses on the physical aspect of health, but the strengthening, conditioning, and honoring of all of you. 

It's time to create sustainable habits. It's time to reclaim your body. 

Private Personal Training

Personal training sessions are 60 minute one-on-one private training sessions.

The sessions are offered at a private studio centrally located in Tampa

email to schedule your free consultation

Virtual 1 on 1 

You can train at home with structured exercise programs designed for the use of: free weights, exercise bands, and body weight.

Facilitated in real time via zoom.

For days when we do not meet, your will receive personalized work out routines.

email to schedule your free consultation

Mindful Movement drop in

60 minute mindful movement assessment  Can be facilitated in person or virtually.

This is a unique and specialized session where you are coached and guided on how to connect, reclaim, and move in away that is intuitive, honoring, and joyful.


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