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Are you ready to create real change?


As the end of year approaches and the holiday plans begin, this 6 week program

helps build momentum for your healthy habits that will carry over into your


When I first began my fitness journey I struggled with consistency and keeping myself accountable. I believed that if I wasn’t all in with both an intense exercise regimen and a restrictive diet then I wasn’t doing “health” right! I realized that this mindset was not sustainable, realistic, or healthy.


I had the realization that being healthy should and can feel good, because at the end of the day isn’t that the ultimate goal? To feel our best!  


I embarked on a journey of self discovery through re-committing to my body.


I embraced mindful movement that made me feel strong, connected, and energized. I nourished my body by adding nourishment that matched my fitness efforts and requirements instead of depriving my body and punishing myself for what I ate.


I elevated my health overtime by simply making mindful adjustments that fit into my lifestyle on a consistent basis. Instead of pushing myself to do the most every day, I decided to love myself enough to COMMIT TO THE PROMISE OF HEALTH. This commitment meant that everyday, through every workout, and every meal, I asked my body “what do you need and how can I better support you”


Approaching fitness in this way really changed how I showed up for my workouts and every day meals. It created a level of discipline that was rooted in nourishment vs. punishment.


Through gentle nutrition and mindful movements… I built a lifestyle of prioritizing aligned health that keeps my mind and body strong, nourished, and vibrant.


I have to tell you, IT FEELS GOOD HERE! And I want you to feel the same. I want you to know that health doesn’t have to feel like a chore, punishment, or some unreachable goal that you are always chasing. 


Your health is on the other side of consistency and discipline. That’s why I created the FIT+ FINE 6 WEEK PROGRAM. To help you create aligned habits so you can live the healthy lifestyle that you’ve always wanted and get fine in the process ;)


Are you up for the Challenge??

For the person who ...

- is ready to have fun, effective, and safe exercise routines in the comfort of their own space!

- wants to gain muscle, build strength, and feel better than ever!

-ready to continue on with a healthy lifestyle in a supportive environment!

-create awareness and strengthen their mind-body connection!

- has decided that NOW is the time to commit to the healthy change they have always desired!!

 FIT+ FINE Intentions...

Movement that aligns!

Reconnecting your inner and outer self through consistent fluid movement that is both safe and fun!

Nutrition that builds!

Basic nutrition guidelines to ensure that your nutrition intake matches your exercise efforts!

Support that Inspires!

We hold each other accountable! I will make sure I show up to encourage you every step of the way while you commit to yourself and give this 6 WEEKS all you got!

what to expect

The Format...

Every Sunday, clients will receive workout and movement exercises for the week via video outlining tempo, technique, repetition, and set counts.
-5 days of workouts,

45 min workouts that can be done anywhere
Equipment: Dumbbells, Resistance Bands, Body Weight, Mat

-weekly healthy eating tips and basic nutrition guidelines that offer balanced nutrition for your personalized goals.

-weekly body awareness practices + checkins to help you strengthen the mind-body connection


Thanks for submitting!


Investment $149

Are you ready to commit to the healthy lifestyle you desire!?? 

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