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Soulful Nutrition

A 3 week live group coaching program to support you in redefining your relationship with food, creating authentic lifestyle change around nutrition and honoring your intuition.

The food you put in your mouth is there to sustain you. It creates alchemy in your stomach for proper digestion and then flows itself into the many elements needed to build healthy cells. If you consume junk food you get junk cells and the simple explanation is that it makes you sick.

On an emotional level if you eat crappy food you have a racy mind which leads to racing emotions. Not good for creating calmness and peace in your reality. 

Psychologically you will also be affected by the food you eat as your healthy cells go deeper than just the physical body. They feed your mind.

When you put unhealthy information into your mind your mind becomes cluttered and filled with unhealthy thoughts, negative emotions and an all around low vibe mental space is created. A cycle begins and it affects your nervous system.

Energetically our food holds vibration. It is either infused w/ life, creation and support from Mother Earth. Or it is processed, w/ little to no nourishment. Our food directly affects our personal energy fields creating a strong energetic magnet to what we truly desire, who we are meant to be and the connection with the most high.

So food is not just what we eat. It is about what we feel, what we think and how we show up in the world.

What are we feeding ourselves spiritually and how are we using our energy to either serve us or drain us?

I want to support you in integrating all of this to work for you, your journey, and your needs. 

That's why I created SOULFUL NUTRITION...

This 3 week live group coaching program is focused on nourishing a healthy relationship with food.

It is a safe space to explore your health, grow in a community, and connect with like minded individuals. 

 All rooted in love with nourishing your body in mind.

This is for you if…

-You have been on an endless cycle of dieting

-Feel disconnected from your body and what it needs to be healthy

-Wanting to create true lifestyle change that lasts but don’t know where to start

-Feel guilt, shame and/or emotional around your food habits and behaviors

-You do not feel confident around making food choices for your health journey

-Want to live a well rounded healthier lifestyle that benefits you and your loved ones.

What you will gain from this experience…

-Reconnect with yourself to create authentic sustainable lifestyle habits.

-Redefine your relationship with food.

-Learn the basics of nutrition and how food affects your body so that so that you can make educated aligned choices that will nourish your mind, body, and soul.

-Food energetics, learn how to eat with love, prepare with love and serve with love.



Unpack and Refill

Unlearning of unhealthy habits and beliefs around food and creating sustainable behavior change.

Culturally informed + inclusive 


The Basics

 Nutrition 101, Understanding food labels and mastering grocery shopping

* Guest Speaker Nutrition Expert Thaiser Taylor


Mindful eating + food energetics

Learn how to eat with love, prepare with love, and serve with love. Tap in to mindful eating and trusting your intuition

Investment $100

*I am not a doctor or a dietician. The information I provide is based on my personal experience,

 and my experience as a Certified Personal Trainer and Behavioral Change Specialist. Any recommendations I may make about nutrition or lifestyle, or information provided to you in this program should be

discussed between you and your doctor. This program is not to be used in place of eating disorder counseling or professional medical advice.

If you would like resources for eating disorder and mental health services please visit: 

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